General Fitness

A combination of muscle, strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina and cardio vascular efficiency.

Done in overall body workout circuits to maximise your time and effort. With regular progress with your training levels, your fitness levels will improve every week.

Supershape has 3 Muscle and Fitness circuits each with 10 exercises, 2 Nautilus circuits each with 12 exercises,3 ladies only circuits each with 10 exercises and an Express Strength and Fitness circuit with 9 exercises then with the massive amount of free weights and lots of other machines you can get incredible variety with your circuit training routines.

Body Fat Loss

General Fitness program with circuit training plus the correct dietary plan to optimise your nourishment and energy needs so that your energy output is a little greater than your energy input.

For more information the following article has some great tips and insight into keeping low body fat. Download a copy of Winning the Fight Against Fat.

Body Shaping

After a General Fitness and muscle conditioning improvement then the order of the exercises is changed to split the routine into different body parts on different training days to enhance the shape of the muscles. In combination with the correct eating plan this is the way to the best you can be.

Body Building

Using a combination of free weights and resistance machines in the optimum order to intensely break down muscle tissue so the body will adapt to a higher muscularity level but only with correct nutrition and rest periods.

PowerΒ Lifting

The ultimate structured sport of strength using the best bodybuilding movements, squat, bench press and dead lift to be able to lift a one rep max under contest conditions. All age groups and weight classes catered for.

Sports Specific

Specific training for all athletes of all sports, designed to enhance their capabilities and recovery so that they can take their sport to the highest level.